Tuesday, July 05, 2016

You know it's dry when ...

I came home to survey the garden and what to my wondering eyes do I spy, but the birdbath ringed with ants drinking the water. I know it is dry but really?

We haven't had rain in over a month though there have been torrential downpours, it doesn't soak in because the ground is so hard. Add it to the stifling heat and wicked winds, moisture is sucked out of the earth in no time. And not just the earth. I watched the water level in The Pond drop nearly two inches in a three day period. When you can dig, the water line is at least a foot and a half below normal.

This wasn't good for June nor into July. All forecasts state "get use to it folks". Maybe we'll have lots of white shite this winter to compensate. I shudder at the thought but at least it's a cooling thought. ;)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Baby watch 2016

Tis been awhile.. watching.the babies grow...  It has become a daily check as I leave and return as their nest is over the side door.    Even the neighbour takes care watching out for the parents.

It was a Monday when I left for work and two were standing on the edge. I thought, hhmmm should I grab the camera, then left. Shame on me as they were leaving the nest.  
Soon after I saw one in the apple tree, happy as one can be.  Mind you mum was busy in the garden showing the young ones how to choose dinner. 

Thinking they had all left the nest and carried on
last week I discovered mum had returned...

Two broods in one year!  I am thrilled.  Usually one attempt is enough but this year it seems most birds are having multiply layings.  The weather is off and on, from drought to torrential rains and cold temps but they endure.   It has amazed me how quickly they grow up and carry on with life.  Mother nature at her best.  

I feel privileged that the robins have chosen my home to build a nest and raise their babies. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Full Flower Moon - Haiga

Another beautiful night and I relaxed, just sitting and observing.  I needed this down time.  Above the The Pond the moon appeared.  It was sitting in a carmel coloured sky wrapped in ribbons of grey and blue.  Absolutely stunning!  Unfortunately my camera doesn't take photos through mine eyes.  Drats!  But I was able to capture a few through the trees.

sheltered behind leaves
full flower moon casts shadows,
blossom await sun

Friday, May 13, 2016

let the unfurling begin

shoots slowly poke from the warming earth,
lemon pennywort shows its chartrusesness,
bordering The Pond, casting its glow
the furling begins

solomons seals grow inches in a day,
its shoots two weeks ago now are 2' high
and begin their drooping descent
the furling begins

caramel coloured heuchera glows red
during sunshine, its leaves uncoiled from winters wrath,
then will fade to its name,a sweetness amongst the leaves
the furling begins

hostas creep out and upward, their leaves guaging
air tempertures, tempting each other as if its time,
yes it is I whisper to them shadowed by the sun
the furling begins

fiddleheads uncoil from deep roots
making their ascent into the orchestra of life,
fronds soon to take centre stage
tthe furling begins

checkered lilies, purple and white
open their petals to reveal
a patterened delight
the furling begins

daffies once plump in encased buds
unwrap themselveves revealing faces
shining bright towards the sunday
the unfurling begins

stalks wrapped in red ribbons
jack in the pulpits emerge swollen
ready for springs sermon
the unfurling begins...

Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Procession

A town alive in a celebration of maple syrup and its goodness. It was full of life under an azure spring sky until the procession began to wind its way through.

Most streets were blocked yet the solemness was not lost as vehicles pulled over, turned on lights and some drivers made the sign of the cross as we passed by.

Their acknowledgement of a dear departed soul on her final journey was not lost amongst the mourners accompanying her along the way. I whispered “thank you” for their consideration.

Out to the country and onto an ancient road we travelled. A dirt road trod by many over the centuries, bordered by fields waiting seed, a rushing brook and stone mills.

This was her final home, in a loving cared for cemetery on a hill overlooking those same fields she once ran through, and next to the school house where she learned the A, B, C's a century ago.

She now rests beside her husband where the morning sun will shine upon them united once again, forever.